Kay Miyagi

Kay Miyagi

From a young age, Kay Miyagi knew that his passion and ear for music would lead him down a wondrously diverse trail. In 2015, his talent and persistence would bring him to precisely that at our very own Tacoma Dome for an evening of hip hop performances as part of the Dope Music Festival. Later in his career, he would share the stage with a plethora of artistic geniuses like Lupe Fiasco and Curren$y, displaying what he truly enjoys, a connection to one's art. Quite humbly no, he did not expect any garnering of mass support, Kay does it for the love and purity of music, though he has been steadily producing lyrical and visual pieces of art for many moons now. To the loved ones around him that have been lucky enough to witness his growth as a musician, and as a professional, it all seems quite unreal. Opportunity after opportunity has presented itself to a man who reigns over a genre of hip hop shared by the likes of few artists these days. Nas, Common, and Talib Kweli are a singular few in hip hop that consistently uplifted and pushed for social equalities in a way very few have. In one word, we here at Tacoma Weedly were truly lucky to have been able to sit down, and find out just who Kay Miyagi is.

Let's start off with your name, Kay Miyagi, is it your real name?

Ha ha yes, it is. My name is Kay, but early on I had to throw Miyagi on it as an homage, of sorts, to the karate master himself.

Where were you born and raised? 

Born in Alexandria, VA. However, I was raised in New Bern, NC. 

You mentioned you were in the United States Air Force, how long have you been serving our country?

For the past eight years now and it’s been amazing. My father was in the Marine Corps for twenty years, so having that influence around definitely held some weight in my decision. When he found out, he kind of had that in between nod of approval, probably was banking on the Corps! Haha.

Do you have big plans musically, and otherwise, for 2017?

Big plans is an understatement! We will be releasing a full length EP in the spring, as well as my book! I’m really hoping to surprise everyone this year. My goal is to saturate myself with so much art, painting, writing and instrumental influence that it drowns out all of the irrelevant bologna I experience in this world.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a 12-year-old Kay, what would that advice be?

Advice, I would tell him to never forget to love yourself. If you are not happy, those around you will not be happy either. And stay away from THOSE people, the pretend-to-be rappers and musicians.

Kay very well may have the major key to success figured out, from our interpretation. One thing's for sure, this next year will bring monumental growth for this local artist bent on bettering his talents, and community, through positive messages aimed at your hearts. 

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