Four Ways Healthy People Can Use Cannabis

Frequently, when cannabis and health are talked about the context is referencing cancer, managing seizures in children, or some other serious physical health issue leaving the rest of us possibly feeling like we must only be using it to get high since we are not sick.

As cannabis becomes legal and mainstream, more and more healthy people are now mindfully using the plant to improve their overall wellbeing and learning that they can enjoy the benefits even if they don’t choose to get high with it.

1. Healthy People Get Good Sleep

You may know all the benefits of regularly getting good sleep, but with a busy, stress filled life you may sometimes struggle falling asleep or staying asleep. Cannabis can be used in a variety of ways to help you get better sleep. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis varieties high in CBN (cannabinol) and terpene myrcene before bed can be an effective method to help your mind unwind as you go to sleep. Eating an infused edible before bed can help to deeply relax your body with effects that last for several hours while you sleep. If you prefer to totally avoid the psychoactive effects or enjoy pampering yourself, taking a cannabis infused bath or using an all over infused body oil before bed will effectively help to relax your body and provide a restful sleep.

2. Healthy People Get Sore Muscles

Whether you are a weekend warrior, gym rat, stiff from gardening, or have sore muscles for any reason, cannabis used topically on the skin is a great way to assist recovering muscles. When taken through the skin, cannabis activates your CB2 receptors, which among many other things are responsible for modulating immunity and inflammation. The next time you are at the pot shop, check out the muscle rubs, bath soaks, massage oils, and infused lotions worth having readily available to reward and care for your body.

3. Healthy People Often Prefer Weed Over Booze For Having A Good Time

Even if you enjoy alcohol responsibly and never die from alcohol poisoning when you trade off booze for cannabis you also can say goodbye to unproductive hangovers, vitamin depletion, and digestive disruption. Getting together and having laughs with your friends while utilizing cannabis as a social tool to have fun can be a healthy alternative to getting drunk.

4. Healthy People Eat Their Greens

Cannabis is a nutrient rich green superfood packed with THCA, CBDA, chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals essential to your health. Throwing a handful of freshly picked raw cannabis leaves or buds into your morning smoothie or juice is a great way to boost your endocannabinoid system and provides benefits such as more energy, better digestion, happier moods, immunity regulation, and all without the high that happens when consuming cannabis that is aged or heated.

These are just a few of the beneficial ways you can experience cannabis. As you can see, this plant is a good thing to have in your medicine cabinet, your fridge, your nightstand, and your gym bag.

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